Role: Moderator

Timeline: December 2014 - Present

The Hypixel Network is the largest Minecraft network in the world. As a moderator I fulfill multiple roles including player support, server and player moderation, quality assurance (bugs) and more roles that are behind the scenes.

Role: Developer

Timeline: November 2017 - December 2017

Conquest was a prison network with a unique twist to how things were made. We implemented custom tasks, custom utils and tools all from scratch. As well as a custom cell system that used AmazonAWS to host and support everything. I departed from Conquest after it was acquired by the ArcadeWars Network, since then conquest has closed down.

Hypixel API Wrappers

Hypixel has a public API that anyone from the community can use with an API key that can be found on the server. The original API is written in Java, I have made two wrappers for this to be supported in other languages. These being C# and Ruby.

Ruby (on Rails) (Click me)

C# (Click me)


ECA is an Elliptic Curve Algorithm I wrote purely for the fun of it. It takes advantage of some basic maths with elliptic systems and uses them for encryption

Source code: (Click me)


This is a very simple Python script that allows people to run an automatic like script, for Tinder.

Source code: (Click me)